A new concussion policy from leading Canadian medical and sporting organizations is now available in both English and French.

The joint policy, from the Canadian Medical Association, College of Family Physicians of Canada, and the Canadian Academy of Sport and Exercise Medicine, outlines a position on concussion in sport, leisure, and occupational settings.

The main points of this document are:

  • To emphasize the fact that concussion can occur in contexts other than sport and among all ages; and
  • To make recommendations addressed to relevant stakeholder groups.

Regarding specific concussion management recommendations, the policy refers to existing evidence and recommendations from national and international groups. The backgrounder also addresses the stigma around concussion and problem of injury minimization.

“Individuals closely associated with a concussed individual…may have an incentive, or experience personal and external pressures, to hide/downplay injury or avoid medical assessment,” reads the background document.

“Injury minimization involves the attitude surrounding injury that is commonly expressed by the following examples: ‘shake or walk it off,’ ‘it’s not that bad,’ ‘you’ll be alright,’ and ‘I’ll stick it out till the end of the game.’ These ways of thinking perpetuate, and contribute to, toxic cultural dynamics within sporting, leisure, and work environments.”

Read the policy and backgrounder below.


Versions françaises: